Battlefield 1943 is Available on Xbox One by Way of Backwards Compatibility

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Xbox and EA have announced that Battlefield 1943 is available on Xbox One as part of the system’s backwards compatibility program.


Battlefield is headed back to World War II this year. This after the setting somewhat fell out of vogue in the mid-2000s. While most major series played with modern and future settings, historical shooters were not something AAA games necessarily played with for a few years. However, in a digital-only release in 2009, Battlefield 1943 did bring one respite for fans of the genre. It’s now one of the more beloved entries in the series.

With Battlefield V now imminent, it seems EA want to remind people of DICE’s prowess in the setting. It’s been announced that Battlefield 1943 has come to Xbox One by way of backwards compatibility. If you owned the game on your still active gamertag back then, then you can hop straight in. However, if you want to try the game and see what all the fuss was about though, you can pick up the title for £9.99 on the Xbox store.

This is a fun little endeavour. I might have thought EA would be a little reluctant to do this, as putting a WWII Battlefield game on backwards compatibility could be seen as combative to DICE’s upcoming game, but in reality, I’m sure this will just act as a lovely primer. Getting stuck into the action should be just the right thing to whet your appetite. I know people have very fond memories of the title, so seeing it get a second lease on life and potentially finding a new community is a cool little thing.

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