Nerd Food: Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade from Epcot

Purple is all the rage at Disney World right now. From the famous purple wall in Tomorrowland to the friendly purple dragon Figment, there’s no end to purple power in Disney! One of this year’s most popular (and Instagrammable) treats at the 2018 Flower and Garden Festival was the frozen desert violet lemonade, found at the Pineapple Promenade kiosk.

Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade epcot

This non-alcoholic drink will only set you back $4.25, and my goodness — it’s a treat! It was a mild floral flavor, but the cold drink will absolutely refresh you on a hot Orlando day. The sweet kickback from the lemonade is also splendid, and never once did the flavors feel overpowering. The flowers on top were a wonderful touch too. I wish this was available year round, so here’s hoping they bring it back next year!

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Veronica Webb is a self professed comic book nerd, with a strong focus on Archie and Golden Age comics. She also enjoys Disney World more than the average person, and bad movies. Speed Racer is one of her favorite movies. Seriously.