Gaming Broadcast Platform Caffeine Launches New Monetization System

It was only a matter of time before Caffeine threw their hat into the monetization ring. This morning, the gaming broadcast platform announced a new plan to allow streamers to earn income off their streams. According to the press release, people can purchase “Caffeine Gold” which they will exchange for digital items during broadcasts like trophies and other ways to root for their broadcasters. Much in the same way Twitch works with their bits system, where the broadcasters can then exchange them for real money or, if they wish, redeem for more Gold. The new system will be open to everyone with a broadcast account on the service, but the details as to how the finer workings of the system weren’t made available right away. Here’s a quick quote from the company about the system.

“Our goal was to design a monetization system that is not only fun to use, but that enhances the content being shared rather than interrupting it like ads do. What’s more, we wanted to make it available to all Caffeine broadcasters, not just a select few partners,” said Ben Keighran, CEO, Caffeine. “We can’t wait to see how broadcasters start engaging with it; and we look forward to taking that early feedback and building something really fantastic for broadcasters and viewers alike.”

It’s a pretty bold plan to get people who may be tired of either the YouTube or Twitch model to come contribute money to their system, which we’re sure they’re getting a percentage of and haven’t released that info yet. It’ll be interesting to see how the math breaks down when people start using the system, and experimenting with how much Gold you get for money, and how much money the streamer gets back for the Gold you spent.

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