Battlefield V Will Not Feature Any Lootboxes

Battlefield V Will Not Feature Any Lootboxes

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DICE and EA have announced that to go alongside the free premium pass with Battlefield V, the game won’t have loot boxes either.


Games are increasingly expensive to make and maintain. Microtransactions and DLC are commonplace now as publishers try to maximise the profits of their expensive endeavours. Season Passes and lootboxes are abundant as games seemingly need longer and longer tails after a title’s initial sale. Where the line between acceptable and backlash is is still a thin one though, with several games, most notably Star Wars Battlefront II, falling afoul of gamers towards the end of last year.

EA and DICE seem to be trying to make good on that this year with Battlefield V. As announced yesterday, the game will include a premium pass, meaning major content drops like maps and modes will be free to all. More than that though, the game isn’t going to feature randomised lootboxes either. Polygon spoke to representatives yesterday during the game’s reveal where it was confirmed that players won’t be injecting money for uncertain rewards. It was later clarified that cosmetics also won’t be available via real world transactions.

That all paints a very interesting picture here, because the question now becomes, how will EA monetise their game post-launch with no loot boxes or map packs? Make no mistake, it will do that, with EA saying it will talk about monetisation later on but with both those options off the table, as well as direct cosmetic sales, I’m very curious to see what solution they come up with here.

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