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An Ode to Corey Graves’s Perfect Pompadour

Posted by May 23, 2018 Comment

Every Monday and Tuesday evening I turn on RAW or SmackDown for a myriad of reasons. Finn Balor, The New Day, and Corey Graves — specifically his pompadour. Normally he rocks one helluva pomp, which complements his tattoos and snark perfectly well. It also helps that he’s easy on the eyes.

Here’s a few more pics just to illustrate the hair.

Even his action figure has the pomp.

But last night on RAW, the pomp was gone.

What the heckity heck?!

I mean, Graves is still a stunningly handsome man, but that pompadour really adds an extra bit of oomph. So please, Mr. Graves, bring back the pomp. I’ll even send you a jar of Suavecito if you’re out of hair gel.

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