Buy Your XFL Gear Today Before the League Implodes Again in 2020

Buy Your XFL Gear Today Before the League Implodes Again in 2020

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In an exciting offer that will allow fans to stock up on all the XFL gear they want before the league launches in 2020, fails spectacularly within one season, and then folds, the XFL has opened its merchandise shop! Why wait to see if the XFL is even something you’ll actually like when you can pay $24.99 for an XFL-branded beanie today?!

Vince McMahon officially announced the revival of the alternative football league back in January, seemingly targeting Trump voters offended by kneeling NFL players. Of course, this isn’t the first time the WWE mogul tried his hand at launching a football league. The original XFL, which took the sleaziest aspects of Attitude Era wrestling and applied them to football, lasted just one season when it was originally launched in 2001. Generally regarded as a laughable failure, revisionist history and an ESPN documentary restored the league’s image, paving the way for McMahon to give it another shot.

Of course, competing against the NFL juggernaut won’t be an easy task, and it seems highly likely things will end up the same way they did back in 2001, or the same way they do anytime Vince McMahon tries to launch a venture outside of WWE. But if the company can make its money back before it even launches by selling products like a drawstring bag for $22.99, does any of that really matter?

Get your XFL gear today, maniacs!

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