To The Moon Will Be Made Into a Feature Length Animated Film

Kan Gao, the creator of To The Moon, took to YouTube over the weekend to proclaim that his 2011 indie hit would be getting made into a feature-length animated film. Along with the video he posted notes that were sent out with the press release confirming the project, all of which we have for you below. This is pretty cool as Gao is currently in the process of creating a sequel to the game, and having a major film out at the same time would do wonders for it if they were released around the same time.

credit//Freebird Games

“-To the Moon’s animated feature film project is now confirm.

-It will be a collaborative project between Japan (main production) and China (main funding).

-First tier Japanese animation production companies are aboard (specifics to be announced in the coming future).

-The film project was made possible in partnership with Beijing’s Ultron Event Horizon, whose CEO, Danyang Zhao, was responsible for bringing the animated film “Your Name” to China.

-Significant budget for the project has been cleared (quoted as somewhere above the budget for the production of Your Name, for reference).

-The original creator of To the Moon, Kan Gao, will play a part in the script editing/advising process.

-Freebird Games continues to create narrative-driven games with Kan fully committed. The production for the next Freebird game project has already begun, and is quoted to be ‘quite bonkers.'”

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