A New Trailer for INSOMNIA: The Ark Gives New Insight Into Their World

Russian developers Studio MONO have released a new trailer for their upcoming action RPG game INSOMNIA: The Ark, in which you get a better look at the dystopian world these people live in and you’ll have to survive in. Along with the trailer came some updates about the game’s description and thought process that went into making it, which we’ve included below. The look and feel of this world are pretty cool, but it does make you cringe whenever you see a fire in homes probably made with asbestos. The game is set to be released sometime in 2018.

credit//Studio MONO

INSOMNIA is a complex story-driven RPG that takes place on a colossal space metropolis brimming with the secrets of a long-gone civilization. Develop your character, explore lovingly handcrafted locations, interact with peculiar NPCs and factions, craft equipment and try to stay alive. You awaken on Object 6 – a retro-futuristic space station set on a 400-year journey in search of a new home. Stricken with a rare psychological disease, you have to uncover macabre secrets and the truth behind humanity’s journey to the ghost-like Evacuation Point. INSOMNIA: The Ark was inspired by Metropolis 1927 and XX centuries dystopias. Experience a dark and cruel world filled with lovingly hand-crafted locations and rich lore. Develop your character, interact with peculiar NPCs and factions, craft equipment and try to stay alive.

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