X-ual Healing – A Heel Turn for Weapon X in Hunt for Wolverine: The Claws of a Killer #1

X-ual Healing – A Heel Turn for Weapon X in Hunt for Wolverine: The Claws of a Killer #1

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Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that Fox owned their movie rights, The Uncanny X-Men suffered great indignities, but with a corporate merger on the way, the X-Men can finally get back to doing what they do best: being objectively the best franchise in comics.

Each week, armed with the joy, heartbreak, and frustration of 30+ years of reading X-Men comics, we read every new X-book that comes out, recap the events, provide the historical context so you can read it on Marvel Unlimited, and wonder when Marvel will let Chris Claremont write something again.

It’s the way X-Men comics were meant to be read! It’s the column that can only be known as…

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Hunt for Wolverine: The Claws of a Killer #1

Cover by GREG LAND
Variant Cover by BUTCH GUICE
As word spreads that Wolverine may have returned from the grave, a handful of his greatest adversaries come together to track him down and put him back there. But the brutal and horrific nightmare that SABRETOOTH, LADY DEATHSTRIKE and DAKEN uncover could lead to even more death than even these vicious killers can handle.
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

What the heck is going on in Hunt for Wolverine: The Claws of a Killer #1? Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike are teammates with Old Man Logan in Weapon X. Daken is on the X-Men Blue roster. But here on the recap page, they’re referred to as Logan’s enemies. The issue opens a week ago in the small town of Maybelle, Arizona. At a bar/cafe/gas station, some locals are complaining about sports when the power goes out. At the power station, two men find a broken door and head inside to locate their colleague, Larry. Inside, they find what appears to be Wolverine, claws out, and Larry’s corpse.

He kills them both. And what’s that green glowing egg? Looks ominous. Wolverine is curious too. He presses a button and green light radiates from the building, seen back outside the gas station cafe before one of the locals starts bleeding from the eyes. God damn Larry.

Meanwhile, at Chester’s Bar in Manhattan, Wolverine’s son Daken meets with Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth. They talk a bit about the current continuity situation we discussed earlier, but don’t really provide an adequate explanation. Sabretooth and Deathstrike tell Daken that Wolverine’s body is missing, as we learned in the Hunt for Wolverine One-Shot. The three engage in a pissing match to prove who is crabbiest. Daken remembers Wolverine drowning him (Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is murder his children) and wants to kill him. They all want Wolverine dead (so why don’t they kill the Logan that’s their fellow X-team member?).

Back in Arizona, everyone is dead and a black ops team is on the scene, revealing this was some kind of test.

They decide to proceed to the next stage. Back in New York, our “heroes” decide their mission is to find Wolverine and kill him. Deathstrike has a way to track him, so they do that, ending up at the gas station cafe in Arizona. The team splits up to investigate, and Daken heads to the bar for a drink. Inside, he finds dead bodies and some members of the black ops team. Daken threatens them, but one of the corpses begins knawing on his leg. The dead townspeople have become zombies! Daken is overwhelmed and the issue ends with him about to be torn apart, and no nearby dumpster to “pull a Glenn” and hide under.

The Bottom Line

If we ignore the fact that this book’s premise runs contrary to the way to the characters are acting (and ignore Greg Land‘s traced-from-a-porn-star’s-face Lady Deathstrike on the cover), this issue was entertaining enough. Quasi-Wolverines hacking up zombies should make for a fun next issue, and the Resident Evil-style evil corporation making zombies plot should prove interesting if not innovative.

Further Reading

You can find Daken in X-Men Blue #25, though you’ll have to buy it. It’s not on Marvel Unlimited yet.

Weapon X #1-10 are on Marvel Unlimited if you want to read them and become confused as to why Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike suddenly need to kill Wolverine even though they work with his time-displaced older version in their day jobs.

Read more X-ual Healing here:

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