Orbital Comics Gets Steve Ditko’s Mini-Comics in Stock

They are very hard to come by in the UK. The publisher only accepting cheques made in dollars was often a sticking point. But as of this week, Orbital Comics in London is a new stockee of Steve Ditko mini-comics.

For now, Orbital has four issues from four separate series published by Ditko.

Mr. A #24: The legendary objectivist archetype who first appeared in Wally Wood’s Witzend magazine in 1967, Mr. A derives from Ditko’s earlier Charlton comics character The Question. The stern-faced avenger also serves as one of the threads from which Gibbons and Moore’s Rorschach is sprung. With the clear philosophy that A = A, Mr. A is the most relentlessly consistent hero imaginable. If you thought Batman had a strict moral code…

Ditko 32s #26: The latest installment in a series of 32-page single issues, offering uncanny short tales of the everyday, superheroics, crime stories, and philosophical reflections. A master of dense panel layouts, Ditko’s modern work has also evolved to include more expansive and abstract artistic innovation. Varied and always interesting.

Murder #22: Ditko continues to produce and re-invent horror and crime stories, just as he did through the 1950s before he began to move towards science fiction and superhero work in the decades which followed. Coherent and concise, great comic book stories.

Out of This World #20: Continuing the numbering from the original sci-fi Charlton book of the late 1950s, this series offers tales just as wild as you’d expect from the originator of all of the core conceits of Doctor Strange. Weird and wonderful.

Look for them in the Orbital Comics side-room… while they still have them. And then you can feel as excited as Jonathan Ross and Neil Gaiman below…

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