Hideo Kojima Confirms that Death Stranding is Getting a New Trailer at E3

Death Stranding

Esteemed video game auteur Hideo Kojima confirmed on twitter that he is currently working on an E3 trailer for his latest game Death Stranding. The mysterious game has a premise that it seems few people understand, and the trailers have told us very little, but hopefully this latest one will tell us a bit more. At least the Game Awards trailer gave us some indication of a plot, as opposed to its announcement trailer.

Sony had previously announced that the game would be coming to their E3 showcase, so this isn’t exactly a surprise. But it does look like the trailer will feature the latest build of the game as Kojima is still working on it with less than a month before the show.

Kojima’s twitter updates about his E3 prep has included shots of himself at a keyboard and sound mixer while lounging around in a Joy Division t-shirt. Which is possibly the most Kojima way to announce that you’re editing a game trailer I have ever seen.

A few hours after the first set of photos, Kojima tweeted about some issues he was having cutting the trailer. One of the new images was a screenshot of his desktop where we can see an Adobe Premiere file labeled “E3 2018 trailer” which is quite possibly the most cookie-cutter name for the trailer. Honestly, I’d expected something a bit more extra from Kojima.

This will be the fourth trailer for the game, with the initial reveal running during Sony’s 2016 conference, and the latest running during the 2017 Game Awards. The second trailer for the game introduced Mads Mikkelsen to the game’s cast, which has recently expanded to include Troy Baker and Emily O’Brien.

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