Which Major Marvel Character Does Islie Hirvonen Play in Deadpool 2? (SPOILER)

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Islie Hirvonen is a child actor who has appeared in a number of productions. TV series Rush, Nina’s World, Llama Llama and Wayward Pines. TV movies such a While You Were Dating and Cooking With Love. And currently filming as The Perfect Daughter in Kris Pearn and Cory EvansThe Willoughbys.

But she also has a small role in Deadpool 2 out now. IMDB credits her as playing Cable’s Daughter. But in the movie, he gives her a name, that of Hope.

In the Marvel Comics, Hope Summers was a young girl, the first mutant born after M-Day,  he mutant messiah destined to return the age of mutants who Cable rescued and raised as his daughter in the future. She would travel with Cable – Nathan Summers – to the present day where she would join the X-Men. She also manifested the Phoenix Force, despite not being of line to Jean Grey and would go on to lead the series Generation Hope.

She recently appeared in the Jean Grey series alongside other potential Phoenix hosts.

In the movies, the connection between her and Cable has been deepened. Could she appear in X-Force? It’s debatable. She may have to dye her hair red first…

Islie Hirvonen is represented by Canadian talent agency Lauren Levitt & Associates. Time to start negotiating now? Or will she just be signing at comic cons forever?

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