You Will No Longer Have to Wait 3 Months Between Doomsday Clock #5 and #6

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The unauthorised sequel to Watchmen, Geoff Johns‘ and Gary Frank‘s Doomsday Clock had its fifth issue originally solicited for May 23rd and Doomsday Clock #6 was originally solicited for the 18th of July.

Then retailers were told that Doomsday Clock #5 was delayed to June 23rd and #6 to 29th of August.

Then that Doomsday Clock #5 would be out on May 30th, a three month gap between that and Doomsday Clock #6

And now retailers have just been told that Doomsday Clock #6 is switching back to 18th July.

No explanation has been given for these shenanigans. Could it be the curse?

Either way, this Doomsday Clock‘s timekeeping is really screwy.

(W) Geoff Johns (A/CA) Gary Frank
The Comedian lives! The Mime and Marionette loose in Gotham City! Rorschach is locked in the bowels of Arkham Asylum! Secrets will be revealed as the Doomsday Clock ticks on…In Shops: May 30, 2018
SRP: $4.99

(W) Geoff Johns (A/CA) Gary Frank
The critically acclaimed super star team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank continue this groundbreaking event as the Mime and the Marionette take center stage in DOOMSDAY CLOCK #6.  In Shops: Jul 18, 2018
SRP: $4.99

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