Hanzo's Rework Won't Make it to Stage 4 of the Overwatch League

Hanzo’s Rework Won’t Make it to Stage 4 of the Overwatch League

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The Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer has announced that Hanzo’s recent rework won’t be making it to the fourth and final stage of the Overwatch League.


Over the last few days in the Overwatch League community, there has been a lot of talk about Hanzo’s rework. While conversations of whether it is ready or if it would be good for the meta have raged, importantly players and talent involved with the league have given conflicting reports about which patch Stage 4 would be played on. At first, news hit that Hanzo’s rework wouldn’t be making it to the League, and then that got muddy as word came out that it was still being discussed.

Well, now we have an answer and it’s not a great one for people who want the League to be on the most recent patch. The league’s commissioner Nate Nanzer took to Twitter to say the game would be played on path 1.22 rather than patch 1.23, the one where Hanzo’s rework was introduced (alongside nerfs for the likes of Junkrat and Tracer). There is good reasoning though. Nanzer said that there was a bug in the most recent patch that made it so if a game was ever paused, it could be entirely lost. Even though it is an incredibly small chance, the league is taking no risks so will be sticking on the patch that introduced Brigitte. You can see Nanzer’s full response here:

I understand the frustration here from some players as, by the time this upcoming stage ends, the payers will be playing on a patch that is nearly two months old. Also, Hanzo has flown out as a meta-defining hero, so this is a significant decision. That said, I believe the right call was made as the integrity of the game comes first (… also, I think 1.22 will encourage a more exciting meta, personally).

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