The Latest Pokémon GO Update Gave Your Storage a Boost

The Latest Pokémon GO Update Gave Your Storage a Boost

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There’s a lot to complain about the inner workings of Pokémon GO, and a lot of people have various solutions to them that may or may not pay off. But recently, Niantic finally upgraded something that fans have been yelling about for over a year now. Your bags have been upgraded to carry more items again. Originally when the game started you could only hold 1,000 items in your backpack, which was increased last year to 1,500. But immediately the company started getting complaints that it wasn’t enough because the players apparently act like hoarders, so this week the company increased it to 2,000.

There is a catch, however. You have to buy space. Right now you can upgrade your storage space by 50 slots by spending 200 coins in the game. Which means you’ll need to spend 2,000 coins to get the maximum amount of storage. You’re probably asking “why don’t they just let us have it?” Well, for one, they’re a business that likes making money off you, you should accept that as reality. And two, by design, you shouldn’t be hoarding junk, you should be using it to beat gyms and level up your Pokémon. At some point, you have to stop collecting and start conquering. But we both know people would rather spend cash in Pokémon GO and expand their weight limit than possibly lose battles.

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