Liam Sharp Says Goodbye to Brave And The Bold – Hello to Green Lantern?

Liam Sharp‘s fourth issue of his written/drawn Brave And The Bold: Batman And Wonder Woman series is out this week, but he has already finished the sixth and final issue and he is saying goodbye to it…

He writes,

The Brave and the Bold is – I can say now I’ve finished – a book I know I would have absolutely loved as a young me. I would have cherished it, and been inspired by it, and that’s a wonderful thing to be able to recognize, as that’s pretty much all I ever aspired to. I’ve never really been able to say that before regarding a whole series I’ve worked on – not because there’s anything wrong with my other work, just that it didn’t transcend my hopes and wasn’t generally full of things I love. This story has scope, and scale, and mythology, and is the kind of journey into a magical realm I always wanted to draw, and have always enjoyed reading. Very VERY proud of this. So this one’s for you, teen Liam, from team BnB.

And what did teen Liam look like? Well, 18 years old from 2000AD, as unearthed by Nick Carroll

And what’s net? Well, Bleeding Cool think he may be working with Grant Morrison on a new Green Lantern series. But right now, that would be far too early to confirm…

Here’s some of his original art from tomorrow’s comic.

(W) Liam Sharp (A/CA) Liam Sharp
Elatha may have been the most recent king of Tir Na Nóg to die, but death is never far from the throne. Batman and Wonder Woman learn about the realm’s first king, his mysterious silver arm and what bearing it may have on the problems of the present, as the Fomorians grow increasingly weary of these strangers and their questions. The duo’s investigation was supposed to bring answers and keep the peace, but it might burn into the spark that ignites the first shots of war!In Shops: May 16, 2018
SRP: $3.99


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