Retailers Asked to Destroy Copies of Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka Vol 2

Posted by May 14, 2018 Comment

Retailers have been asked to destroy any ordered copies of Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka GN Vol. 2 by Makoto Fukami and Seigo Tokiya from Seven Seas Entertainment that shipped to comic book stores last month.

Apparently it had a misprint. Though one that does not affect the story but it is serious enough that the publisher is willing to replace every copy with a new one, which retailers will not receive in July.

Considering the comic was meant to ship in February that is quite a delay.

Anyone have any idea what misprint might be?

(W) Makoto Fukami (A/CA) Seigo Tokiya
An all-new, dark and sexy genre mashup manga series where magical girls meet military warfare! When the Earth was threatened by the sudden appearance of undead creatures, a group of young women blessed with powers from a mysterious source rose to defeat them. Now, after three years of apparent peace, the same malevolent creatures have resurfaced. Five magical girls are once again conscripted to war as the Magical Girl Special-Ops force, to defend mankind from an unholy nemesis!
In Shops: Apr 25, 2018
SRP: $12.99

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