Oculus Wants to Avoid Exclusive Games in VR

Oculus Wants to Avoid Exclusive Games in VR

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It isn’t often you hear someone from the gaming industry talk down about people having exclusive games and titles to their brand, but a recent interview with Matt Conte, the head of development engineering at Oculus, says otherwise. In a recent interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Conte spoke on a number of different topics, one of them being having exclusive titles to different VR headsets where he explained that the entire subject is a bad idea for the VR industry as a whole. Here’s a quick snippet from the article.


“You want to reach the broadest audience,” he said. “I’m not going to mince words: VR is still small. There’s not as many headsets out there as we thought there might be a couple of years ago. It’s growing, and it’s actually growing at a pretty decent pace, but every decision that you make you should be thinking about: How does this get my title into the most users’ hands as possible?

“Some people find it weird that we tell them to ship on all platforms. We don’t want exclusivity. We want VR to thrive. But VR is a niche, and you don’t want to be a niche within a niche. Ship everywhere: Oculus, PlayStation VR, Steam, mobile, if you can. Do whatever you can to get as many eyes on it as possible.”

It’s pretty sound since you have people who to this day refuse to buy either a PS4 or an Xbox One because their favorite game is on one of them. Having small libraries filled with exclusives may turn people off from buying any VR headset until they have a wider selection.

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