Yes, For The 100th Time, Rage 2 is Getting an Announcement Tomorrow

Yes, for the 100th Time, Rage 2 is Getting an Announcement Tomorrow

Posted by May 13, 2018 Comment

Ever since the Canadian Walmart website dropped the notice that Rage 2 was on the way, it has sparked what can only be described as a professional meme machine from Bethesda Softworks to make fun of it, while also promoting the game at the same time. At a certain level, it’s a genius way of drawing attention to your game and get the word out with all of the social media hype they’ve been doing. On the other hand, it’s becoming annoying as hell that every gaming and pop-culture website on the planet now seems to have a story a day ever since about how we’re getting an official teaser on Monday about the game.

So annoying, that Bethesda themselves have given up on trying to be original about it, as indicated by the latest tweet sent out by the company today where they basically showed a fake marketing person’s directory location in text.

We love you Bethesda. We really do! We love the games, we love the Christmas cards, we love the fact that you’ll do stuff with us that our last partner would never do unless they got themselves super drunk. But please, just show us what you got for Rage 2 on Monday so we and every other games journalist can stop talking about your social media. Thanks!

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