Lying In The Gutters, 13th May 2018 – Jim Lee Is The Law

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It’s been a busy week of DC Comics rumours, of Crisises, of Creative Refreshes, of Man Of Steel betting pools and low orders, of anti-imperialist Superman villains and of Batwoman cancellations. Jim Lee denied a reboot – but that was all. And one man’s reboot is, as we know, another man’s retcon is another man’s hypercrisis.

And hey, Jim Lee is sketching Judge Dredd. Which makes everything better.

Top Ten Traffic Of The Week

  1. Jim Lee’s Cover – and DC’s New Logo – for Snyder’s Justice League #1
  2. The Next DC Crisis May Remove Batman and Superman Marriages
  3. Weeks After Calling Off Marriage to Nikki Bella, John Cena Rumored to Be Dating New Total Divas Star
  4. DC Comics Is Calling Its “Fresh Start” a “Creative Refresh”
  5. Revealing DC Comics’ Next Crisis Event…
  6. Clarifying That DC Comics Editorial Rumour Regarding Man Of Steel
  7. Terry Gilliam Has Suffered Stroke, Amazon Pulls ‘Quixote’ Distribution
  8. Pikachu Has a Scrapped Evolution Called Gorochu That Sounds Terrifying
  9. The One Place Anthony Bourdain Can’t Go, Because of Insurance
  10. New Superman Villain Rogol Zaar is an Anti-Imperialist (Man Of Steel #1 Spoilers)
  11. You Wait Ages for a Fantastic Four Comic and Then 20 Come Along at Once
  12. DC Comics to Cancel Batwoman in August
  13. DC Comics Promoting Relaunches With In-Store Posters
  14. What Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown Have to Do With Watchmen in Today’s Detective Comics #980 (Spoiler SPOILERS)
  15. Cobra Kai Season 1, Episode 3 ‘Esqueleto’ Review
  16. Jon Favreau Says [SPOILER] Is Returning For Avengers: 4
  17. Man Of Steel Orders a Lot Lower Than DC Comics Expected
  18. James Gunn Breaks Our Hearts- [Spoiler]’s Last Words To [Spoiler]
  19. James Gunn Talks Adam Warlock and That Cocoon in Thor: The Dark World
  20. Jim Lee – ‘Rumours Of Reboots Are Ridiculous’

And Ten You May Have Missed

  1. Comic Book Mentalists: Robert Bruce vs. Mike Zapcic
  2. Metropolis Collectibles Sues CBCS Grading and Slabbing Company
  3. Artist Accuses 20th Century Fox of Stealing His Art for Deadpool 2 Promo
  4. Jason Momoa Fangirls Over Meeting The Crow Creator James O’Barr
  5. There Are Hidden Racist Cartoons in the Blade Runner: Revelations Game
  6. An Awkward Evening with David Duchovny in San Francisco
  7. Amazing Spider-Man #800 Sells Out Already, Goes to Second Printing
  8. DC Comics Drops ‘Buy Physical, Get Digital’ Codes as Standard
  9. When You Order Variant Covers Blind…
  10. Despicable Deadpool #300 Is the Worst Comic I’ve Read in Years
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