James Gunn Talks Adam Warlock and That Cocoon in Thor: The Dark World

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If there is anyone working in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that loves, and takes advantage, of the Easter Eggs it’s James Gunn. Gunn has been slipping all sorts of insanity in the background of his movies. He had the advantage of working in one of the more insane corners of the MCU which meant that he could make references that even fans of the comics wouldn’t understand.

We should have known what we were getting into when we saw that post-credits scene after Thor: The Dark World when fans spotted an odd looking cocoon in the background of the Collector’s room.


Gunn recently clarified that Adam Warlock, teased at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, would not be appearing in Avengers 4 and there is no guarantee that he will appear in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. When asked why he would tease something that might not even happen this phase he was quick to say that it was out of love for the character.

A fan then pointed out that there could be a time discrepancy depending on when that scene takes place but Gunn pointed out that just because we have seen the cocoon doesn’t mean that Adam is ready to get out and see the world.

Finally, Gunn was asked about that cocoon we saw during that scene in Thor: The Dark World. For a long time everyone assumed that was Adam’s cocoon and it turned out not to be the case. So what was in there if anything?

So for those of you waiting to see Adam Warlock it might be best to just sit back and wait. There is a very good chance we won’t see him until later in the MCU. Gunn has made sure that the door is open should someone come along and want to use the character. It just might not be him and don’t expect it for years.

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