It’s Bluths for the Win in New Arrested Development Season 5 Promo

arrested development s05 bluths promo
Credit: Netflix

With Netflix‘s Arrested Development “scorched-earthing” its way back into our lives with a fifth season later this month, The Bluths are using the occasion to make their pitch for Family of the Year. Considering that the “award” is sponsored by The Austero-Bluth Company, it’s pretty safe to say that they have it on lock. But if there’s one thing Mitch Hurwitz‘s twisted take on family comedies has taught us about this dysfunctional family, it’s that The Bluths will never pass up the opportunity to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Credit: Netflix

As this Bluth-approved campaign video shows, the only thing more narcissistically dangerous than the Bluths on their own is when they’re (dys)functioning together:

The Bluths are winning the Family of the Year Award! The award is sponsored by the Austero-Bluth Company, so technically they are giving it to themselves. Still a win though.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Here’s a look at the official trailer for the fifth season of Netflix’s Arrested Development:

This time the Bluths are all together. Whether they like it or not.

Here are some “first look” photos from the upcoming season, courtesy of our friends at Entertainment Weekly:

Buster (Tony Hale) appears ready to go “startled Terminator” on an equally scared Michael (Jason Bateman).

Not sure what scam/persona Maeby (Alia Shawkat) is going for, but she pulls off the “old-young person” look pretty well — the smorgasbord of meds helps.

All you need to do is look at this image of Gob (Will Arnett), Lucille (Jessica Walter), and George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor), and read the front of the podium to know there’s something shady going on here.

Four words (minus her real name, but I hope you knew that) that should terrify any decent-minded voter: Lindsay Bluth (Portia de Rossi), elected official.

I went from impressed to very, very disturbed once my brain fully processed what I was seeing in this pic of George Michael (Michael Cera).

See, this is why Tobias (David Cross) is the most disturbing character on the show: while everyone’s focusing on the next chapter in his book of really bad hair choices, no one seems to be appreciating the fact that Tobias is pulling a Single White Female on Michael — and there’s just no way that could ever end well.

arrested development season 5 trailer

After a season of separate adventures, The Bluths are back in town — and burning it down — when Arrested Development season 5 premieres May 29th on Netflix.

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