The Flash Season 4: Barry Allen Isn't Sure About Iris's New Plan

The Flash Season 4: Barry Allen Isn’t Sure About Iris’ New Plan

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All this season on The Flash, Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands), aka the Thinker, has been 10 steps ahead of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his team. The super-genius not only figured out how to get Cisco (Carlos Valdes) to bring Barry back from the Speed Force, but he also set it up so a certain group of people would be on a bus at the exact time and place when Barry would return, causing a dark matter event that would give them exactly the types of powers that he would need for his ultimate plan. And so far there hadn’t been a single miscalculation… until now.

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DeVoe went too far — he became too detached from humanity and has alienated his wife, Marlize (Kim Englebrecht). It’s caused him to pause, giving Team Flash an opening — and now that Harry (Tom Cavanagh) figured out that Marlize is DeVoe’s weakness, they need to exploit it. And that is exactly what Iris (Candice Patton) wants to do — but she takes it upon herself to track Marlize down in such a way that doesn’t sit well with Barry. Gustin talked with about what Iris wants to do and how his character reacts:

When Iris wants to find Marlize and send citizens after Marlize, that seems sketchy to Barry. Now it feels like we’re having people do our job for us a little bit. But Barry, as he tends to do with Iris, eventually comes around and sees it from her point of view, that Marlize is probably the only good thing left about DeVoe, and maybe that would benefit us, and we’ll be able to use that to get through to him.

It does seem a little sketchy, and I’m not sure if Barry should come around to seeing it Iris’s way… but we’ll see how it all works out over the last two episodes.

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