Battlefield 2018's Reveal Date May Have Been Found Through an Elaborate Easter Egg

Battlefield 2018’s Reveal Date May Have Been Found Through an Elaborate Easter Egg

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It looks like Battlefield 2018’s (believed to be called Battlefield V) reveal date may have been found in Battlefield 1 thanks to an elaborate set of clues leading to a website and two different dates.


It’s no secret that Battlefield 2018 is coming this year. Not only is it obvious because EA seem to be cycling Battlefront and Battlefield on a yearly basis, but the company has talked about the title directly in interviews and financial reports. Also, references to Battlefield V has been found, as well as reports that the game is headed back to World War II. That all being the case though, the titles still isn’t officially ‘announced’.

Well, it looks like that finally might be happening. There has been an easter egg, revolving around a dog tag given after gaining access to a room Battlefield 1 that the community had been trying to crack for the last few days. and it seems it now has been. A room in the game had a dog tag with morse code that translated to SECRETS REVEALED, a painting of a Horse (a Mustang specifically, which is also the name of a US WWII plane) but bar that, it remained in mystery. That was until players listened to a rhythmically dripping in the pipes. This was then quickly translated through morse code to the website: If you head over there you will see a pretty blank website, with May 23, 2018 and the word ‘Battlefield’. This has led the community to believe that that is when the game will finally be revealed.

There is a little more to the story too though, as in the javascript for the game there is a timer that is counting down to May 28, 2018, so it’s not exactly clear why there are two dates associated with the site.

This is a cool little event to get the community involved in the reveal, and I’m sure it was plenty exciting if you are deep into the Battlefield community. The game being revealed just prior to E3 with its own event would be in keeping with how Battlefield 1 did things, so I can definitely see this happening.

Thanks VG247.

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