Smosh Games Takes God Of War to Task with an Honest Trailer

In a brand new video that couldn't have come soon enough, Smosh Games takes a chilled axe crack at Sony's spring hit God Of War with an Honest Trailers retrospect at the game and the franchise as a whole. The tagline to the entire video says it all as the creators write "From the developer of the series where you get so angry you murder all of the gods, comes a game where you face your biggest challenge yet – fatherhood."  Forget the dozens of memes on Twitter and the hundreds of comments on Reddit for a moment, as this video basically takes all of your gripes and complaints about the game and rolls them into a rage-filled sushi roll.

Just to be clear, we don't hate God Of War, but if any game deserved to be taken down a peg or two in the past six months about all of its greatness and how everyone just can't stop calling each other "boy", it was this one. Just take whatever love you have for the game, put it up on the shelf for five minutes, and enjoy watching these guys dissect your favorite god-killing madman as he stars in his own sitcom about being a single father.

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