EA are Keeping Anthem Expectations "Conservative" as it's Confirmed for March 2019

EA are Keeping Anthem Expectations “Conservative” as it’s Confirmed for March 2019

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EA has announced in a financial earnings call that Anthem is due out in March 2019 and that it also won’t be setting its expectations too high for the launch of the game.

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There is seemingly a decent amount riding on Anthem, Bioware’s next online outing. We still know relatively little about the title bar the gameplay demo shown last year and a few smaller details, but from what we’ve seen, the game looks gorgeous. Certainly, it looks Destiny-like, and it can’t be long until we learn more what with E3 being just around the corner.

We were given just a little more information last night by way of EA’s financial earning’s call. Importantly we now know when the game is set to release. Speaking in the call, EA CEO Blake Jorgensen said the game:

will be shipped in the last quarter of the year and in the last month of that quarter.

That’s a rather roundabout way of saying the game will come out in March 2019. That’s when I think most expected to see the game, but it’s nice to get confirmation.

Interestingly, despite most reports saying that Anthem is going to be a very important game for EA, Jorgensen played down financial expectations saying the company was being “conservative” with its estimates. This is due to the title being a new IP, but also, pertaining to their business, it comes out at the end of a fiscal year.

I really am eager to see more of Anthem. I don’t think we have a great idea of the shape of the game, and thus it is hard to comprehend exactly what it is. That said, from what we’ve seen, it looks promising. It should be interesting to see how Bioware, known for their narrative prowess deal, with a game like this.

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