Exclusive Extended Previews: Barbarella #6, Dejah Thoris #4, Xena #4, and More

Exclusive Extended Previews: Barbarella #6, Dejah Thoris #4, Xena #4, and More

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We’ve got a set of exclusive extended previews for Dynamite comics shipping this week. Those include Barbarella #6, Dejah Thoris #4, Xena #4 and Savage Tales: Vampirella One-Shot. We also have previews for A Clash of Kings #10, Green Hornet #3, Pumpkinhead #3 and two trades – The Shadow: Leviathan and Sheena: Queen of the Jungle Vol 1.

Barbarella #6
writer: Mike Carey | artist: Kenan Yarar | covers: Dave McCaig (A) Brent Schoonover (B) Marguerite Sauvage (C) Ricardo Jaime (D) Kenan Yarar (E-Sub)

The great R.U.S.T. rush has pitted Barbarella against fellow prospectors, the Glain family as the old west meets the final frontier (and please, no “Cowboys and Aliens jokes)! With an inconceivable fortune at stake the fighting is getting dirty, and Barbarella finds herself on the defensive in a maze where time and space have no meaning! But the heart of the maze is stranger still…

Dejah Thoris #4
writer: Amy Chu | artist: Pasquale Qualano | covers: Mike McKone (A) Diego Galindo (B) Sergio Davila (D)

Within the ancient city of Thurd, Dejah Thoris finds what she’s looking for with the unlikely help of the green Martian. And a long-forgotten secret of Ephysium comes to light…

George R. R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #10
writers: George R. R. Martin, Landry Q. Walker | artist: Mel Rubi | covers: Mike Miller (A), Mel Rubi (B-Sub)

George R.R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire series continues with this latest installment of A Clash of Kings!

Green Hornet #3
writer: Amy Chu | artist: German Erramouspe | covers: Mike McKone (A) Stephane Roux (B)

In Istanbul, Mulan and Daily Sentinel reporter Tai reunite with Britt Jr. But he refuses to take the mantle of the Green Hornet back! Meanwhile, things get complicated when the mysterious hero The Oko reappears and blames the Green Hornet in Sebastian’s death.

Pumpkinhead #3
writer: Cullen Bunn | artists: Blacky Shepherd, Kyle Strahm (back-up) | covers: Kyle Strahm (A) Blacky Shepherd (B)

For each of man’s evils, a special demon exists. But Pumpkinhead—the demon of vengeance—is only one such infernal creature. What happens when his prey calls up the OTHER demons of sin to stand in his way? Plus: Continuing the origin of Haggis!

Savage Tales: Vampirella One-Shot
writer: Erik Burnham | artist: Anthony Marques, J.Bone, Fernando Ruiz, Daniel HDR | cover: Robert Hack

A dead city in the middle of a world filled with violent barbarians is the last place Vampirella would expect to find herself, but here she is — and there’s no time for introspection, because someone is out for her blood! She may be lost in a kill-or-be-killed world filled with swords and sorcery, but she still knows how to hold her own… and when she finds out who has it in for her, she’s going to prove it.

The Shadow: Leviathan TP
writers: Si Spurrier, Dan Watters | artist: Daniel HDR, Ricardo Jaime | cover: Michael Kaluta

For the better part of a century the Shadow’s sinister laughter brought the chill of fear to evil-doers – but in our modern times, the streets of Manhattan have gone largely silent. But he is not forgotten. Not by the people he’s saved. Mary Jerez, is one of those people. The Shadow saved her from a horrifying school shooting – Mary knows all too well what evil lurks in the hearts of men. So when a horribly burnt man – incredibly strong and fierce, despite his terrible injuries— arrives under her care as a resident at the hospital – she believes she knows who he is, too. Is this mysterious man actually the Shadow – and with Mary’s help, will evil-doers again know what it means to fear his terrible justice?
Si Spurrier (X-Force, X-Men: Legacy, Judge Dredd) and Daniel HDR (Superman, Cyborg) bring the pulp icon into modern day in a tale full of deadly intrigue, gun-blazing action, and a study of the nature of evil!

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle Vol. 1
writers: Marguerite Bennett, Christina Trujillo | artist: Moritat, Maria Sanapo, Dimi Macheras, Mario Torrisi | cover: J. Scott Campbell

In this riveting relaunch, the guardian of the jungle, SHEENA, pursues a mysterious invader that has come to spy on the Amazon’s most ancient secrets… Following the path of the trespasser, she encounters a forbidden ruin in which even more deadly dangers lie in wait — and begins an adventure that will take her beyond her wildest imaginings!

Xena #4
writer: Meredith Finch | artist: Vincente Cifuentes | covers: Ig Guira (A), Vincente Cifuentes (B)

Gabrielle’s capture forces Xena to delve into the shady underbelly of Athens in search of clues. Dark forces stalk the warrior princess, intent upon revenge and captivity results in an unexpected discovery for Gabrielle. Redemption wears many faces in this city of gods.


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