That New Westworld Area Is Called The Raj

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Season 2 of HBO’s acclaimed series Westworld is only three episodes in, and we’ve already got a ton of new questions to be answered. Things like how many other areas are in the main park, and when will we see them?

westworld season 2

Remember back when we told you about the Westworld helpful helper bot Aeden? Turns out she’s sending information about the newest (to us, at least) area of Delos’s offerings, The Raj. If you watched last night’s Westworld s2e3 ‘Virtu e Fortuna‘, this will no doubt be a little bit spoilery, only because it is a new location.

A beautiful rendition of a British Colonial palace in India, The Raj is “sure to bring out the lover or hunter in you,” the message from Aeden states. “What better way to indulge in a new era of Delos Destinations?”  We also know it’s called “Park 6” from the previous episode, asking where the tiger came from.

We knew there were more areas coming, the tease of Shogunworld at the end of season 1 specifically setting the tone for additional expected themed regions. Hopefully we’ll get more as season 2 continues.

Here’s the preview of next week’s fourth episode, ‘The Riddle of The Sphinx’:

Westworld airs on HBO on Sundays.

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