We All Walked with Elias as He Trash-Talked New Jersey [Backlash 2018]

Backlash 2018: We All Walked with Elias as He Trash-Talked New Jersey

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Have we all decided that Elias should be a babyface? We all love him. The guy is hilarious, a decent singer, and a good wrestler. Last night during Backlash, Elias started with his famed spotlight routine. He gave the fans of Newark, NJ a strong greeting, followed by informing everyone he was friends with Bruce Springsteen. He went on to talk down about The Boss (“He calls me The Boss!”), and to try to make NJ turn on Springsteen (rumor has it he doesn’t even like NJ!). It all culminated into fun game of Elias threatening to leave, which resulted in the audience cheering him on as he walked and booing when he went back to his stool. I’ve seen this done at house shows a lot, and it does pop up on RAW and SmackDown too. But I live for audience interaction like this, and Elias knows how to work a crowd!

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