Backlash 2018: Elias, The New Day, and Aiden English Have a Musical Standoff

The whole match should just be Big E walking around playing the drum.

The New Day and Elias hadn’t interacted much. Since they’re on different shows, it made sense. The New Day walked out, stood outside the ring… and started playing their respective instruments. Things were starting to maybe turn around for Elias, who got the spotlight back on him, but then. Oh no. Aiden English walked out. All three of the musically inclined superstars strutted their stuff — English won that fight — and things only got better.

Rusev called Elias “Bootleg Bob Dylan” and The New Day “The Booty Boys”. Please give Rusev the mic more — he’s hilarious.

But just when we thought we would just Elias to play… No Way Jose came out with his conga line. Joining in the fun was Titus Worldwide and Breezango. I don’t know how this can get better.

Bobby Roode showed up. In the ring. It was glorious.

Everyone then conga lined into the sunset, finishing up one of the funniest promos I’ve seen in a while.

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