After ‘Aladdin’- Guy Ritchie Returns to His Roots With ‘Toff Guys’

Posted by May 6, 2018 Comment

I honestly didn’t realize that Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels was 20 years old, but the Guy Ritchie heist film really holds up.  Saying this, I will stand by my theory that his live-action Aladdin remake for Disney will be at the very least entertaining if not outright awesome.

Director Guy Ritchie on the set of Sherlock Holmes,
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

There’s been some question as to what the filmmaker was going to do post-House of Mouse cinematic romp, and apparently it’ll be a return to those Londonium rough-and-tumble roots.

Ritchie’s next movie will be something called Toff Guys, a clever (shut up, it totally is) wordplay of the English slang word for fancy (Toff) and tough, obviously one of Guy’s favorite types of mashup in film. He’ll be shopping it around during Cannes Film Festival, sort of the breading grounds for studios to find projects and for filmmakers to get the distribution needed for audiences to see the flicks.

Reportedly (per Deadline‘s comments) the film is: “set at the intersection of Sexy Beast and Downton Abbey, and follows a very English drug lord attempting to cash out on his highly profitable empire by selling it off to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires.”

Sounds pretty great, and if you’re at all familiar with Ritchie’s style of fast paced action and dialog, this could definitely be something to keep an eye out for.

Guy’s Aladdin is set for a May 24th 2019 release date, and is still a head scratchingly interesting pairing of director and story (even though yes, the reports of extras undergoing skin darkening for scenes is seriously troubling).

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