Ever Wonder What It's Like to Attend an Esports Tourney?

Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Attend an Esports Tourney?

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Trying to capture the energy and scope of an esports tournament is pretty difficult to capture in words, and often doesn’t translate to a stream properly as well. Streams usually only capture the broadcast segments and events on the main stage, and so they miss all of the chaos going around on the sides. Between the side activities — other game demos, VR experiences, giveaways, and cosplay contests — there’s a ton that the streams can’t show you. Honestly, even as someone who typically avoids traditional sports and doesn’t get much into esports myself, the frenetic feel of the big tournaments is definitely an experience you’ll want to check out at least once.

And because esports are still sort of getting their acts together, its actually pretty easy to chat with the players and feel like you actually are part of the action. There aren’t barricades near the stage, the broadcast stages are on the floor, and you can wander around to whatever you feel like watching. It’s a deeply personal experience — you choose what it is you watch, and somehow, the long hours feel like they fly past.

However, with more and more esports venues and more and more tournaments, eventually this format will become more of what we’re used to with other concerts and traditional sports events. But for now, eSports tourneys are something special.

Hopefully these shots from MLG Gaming from the Call of Duty World League Seattle competition can help show what it’s like to be on the ground at tournament, at least a little bit.

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