Nerd Food: These Star Wars Popsicles are Perfect Makeshift Lightsabers

Posted by May 4, 2018 Comment

May is a big Star Wars month. Between May the Fourth and the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, there’s plenty of Star Wars to go around. Naturally, this means there’s plenty of food out there too.

Popsicle is normally my go-to treat for the summer, and these Star Wars-themed pops seemed like the perfect fit. The packaging was attractive, and you can even make your own lightsaber! What more could you really ask for? Well, when I opened my first popsicle, it was broken. Not a biggie. But then I took a bite out of it. And then another. And oh my god, it was terrible. I don’t know what flavor the red was supposed to be, but if it was “The bitter tears of angry fans after The Last Jedi” they nailed it. I won’t be buying these again, but if you’re looking for style over taste, give them a try.

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