RUMOR: Marvel Studios Has Met With 65 Directors for the Black Widow Movie

Fans have been asking where the Black Widow movie is for years now, and it looks like we finally got some movement at the beginning of the year. Marvel announced that Jac Schaeffer would be the writer for the movie that hadn’t technically been greenlit yet. Now we have a new rumor thanks to Variety‘s Justin Kroll. It’s been almost five months since we’ve heard any movement on the project, but Kroll has apparently heard that Marvel is hard at work meeting with 65 directors to find the right fit for the project.

So what does this movie possibly happening mean for Natasha surviving to the end of Avengers 4? Well, it depends. If they are doing a prequel, then it doesn’t really matter if Natasha is alive — but this movie is years away still. If they want to build up hype, they need to keep the character around in some way. The odds on Widow surviving are pretty good if this movie should happen. It’ll be interesting to see who Marvel ends up picking to direct this movie should it end up materializing.

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