A Fun Look at What the Future May Hold: Graphic Novel 'Nuclear Winter'

A Fun Look at What the Future May Hold: Graphic Novel ‘Nuclear Winter’

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I didn’t know what to expect when I received this graphic novel, but Nuclear Winter by Caroline Breault took me by surprise.

nuclear winter graphic novel

This slice-of-life story is about a courier named Flavie who doesn’t mind a challenge. When she locks eyes with a handsome guy at a local diner, her life changes for the better.

Set in the future, specifically in Montreal, the city has seen nothing but endless snow for what feels like forever. This eternal winter was caused by a nuclear power plant, and it has done much more than mess with the weather. Humans and animals alike are mutating, and there really is no end to the winter in sight. Flavie has to navigate her own life, which is made even harder with these changes. But Breault made her a strong, sturdy character. If anyone will survive what life throws at her, it’s Flavie.

The art is rather exceptional as well. Breault takes care with the little details — especially body language. Letterer Jim Campbell is a master at making sure we know how a character sounds, what emotion they’re trying to convey, and more. Breault and Campbell excelled at making this a believable reality.

I highly recommend this title from Boom!, and can’t wait to see what the rest of the series brings!

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