Will Miles Morales Spider-Man #40 Finale Lead Into... Spy-D? (SPOILERS)

Will Miles Morales Spider-Man #40 Finale Lead Into… Spy-D? (SPOILERS)

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Today sees Spider-Man #40, Brian Bendis‘ final issue with Oscar Bazaldua and Sara Pichelli telling the stories of Miles Morales, as he left Marvel for DC Comics, published on the same day as his Superman story in DC Nation #0. Endings and beginnings. And leaving Miles Morales in a state to be picked up.,


No Miles Morales series to follow has yet been announced. And there will be no new series until at least August at this point.

There has to be a new comic by December, which will feature the Miles Morales Spider-Man animated movie from Sony.

But Brian Bendis has been laying down the possible future of Morales, if Marvel decides to take it. Firstly that Miles Morales may choose not to be Spider-Man any more…

But also he may have a future in espionage like his SHIELD-working father.

We mentioned that one suggested new identity for Miles Morales would bye Spy-D. Whether accepted by Marvel or not, it would indicate that Morales was heading in that direction for a new series.

And towards the end of Bendis’ final issue of the series – that seems to be exactly the direction in which Bendis is leaving the character.

Not named, not specified, but that has to be Nick Fury, right? Or maybe Blade? Because after all, it also looks over in Invincible Iron Man as if Bendis is leaving behind a new version of SHIELD…

But I think an alternative to Spy-D should be on the cards…

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Oscar Bazaldua, Sara Pichelli (CA) David Marquez
Marvel Comics proudly presents the final issue of Bendis’ epic (bio-electric) run! Over seven years and across two universes, Miles Morales has been an Ultimate, a Web-Warrior, an Avenger and a Champion. A New Yorker, a student, a son and a friend. And whenever the city needed him (and one time when all of reality needed him), he was always SPIDER-MAN.  Don’t miss the chance to see comics superstar Brian Michael Bendis bid farewell to one of his most beloved creations, and to glimpse what the future may hold for Miles Morales.
Rated TIn Shops: May 02, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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