Sci-Fi VR Shooter Gunheart Gets New Death Screen and Enemy Variants

Sci-Fi VR Shooter Gunheart Gets New Death Screen and Enemy Variants

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Drifter Entertainment has released a  massive update for sci-fi VR shooter Gunheart,  which entered Early Access on Steam in July 2017.  Fans of the game can now experience three star mission achievements, new enemy variants, new death screen, PVP Updates and additional new content on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows MR. All that extra content should give players some more to do in the world of Gunheart while also adding some depth to the game as well. Gunheart has been slowly growing in content since its launch in Early Access, and this latest patch serves to continue that model.

You can watch as Creative Director Brian Murphy and newcomer Executive Producer Hunter Hudspeth highlight the new content for the game in the follwoing video and the patch notes just below.

The new content for Gunheart is now live and includes:

  • 3 Star mission achievements. Now users can keep track of their accomplishments. Earn up to three stars for each mission by completing specific objectives including speed runs or beating the mission on elite mode.

  • You are here. A new subway map-style mission selection UI gives users a better sense of how they are progressing across Gunheart’s Planet Fortune.  No more scrolling through lists of missions to guess at how to unlock them, yay!

  • New Enemy variants!  Wider variety of the hopper enemies, including winged hoppers who will fly to give themselves a better angle in combat. Keep your eyes up!

  • Tougher money pumps! You asked, and we delivered! We’ve tweaked the difficulty for the money pump missions.

  • More bad guys! Adjusted enemy behaviors and spawns across multiple campaign missions. Enemies will be more aggressive, they’ll deal with fast moving players better, and when and where they spawn makes more sense.  They … just … keep … coming!

  • Beating death heart! A new death screen appears upon player death including new UI and an awesome looking beating heart. It’s so pretty, you’ll want to die!

  • Get your brawl on! PVP updates!

    • Brawl is much faster paced than before. Scratch that old school deathmatch itch!

    • Completely revamped how weapon pickups work in PVP. You can now strafe over weapons and grab them automatically, and then switch weapons in the quick menu.

    • Adjusted PVP weapon spawn locations and timing.

    • Adjusted PVP weapon balance and put different mods on the weapons you’ll find there. Players will also drop weapons on death now.

    • Tuned highlighting around enemies so you can more easily spot targets

    • Updated PVP spawn behavior

    • PVP health and shield behavior has been retooled

    • Iniquitous PVP map has been infected! Check out the new look, but don’t touch that stuff … it looks gross.

  • Money kegs for everyone – money is now shared across all players, and new Gold money kegs can show up in later missions which give 3x the reward.

  • Loot room tweaks – bring your bats for some loot smashing fun, loot eggs conveniently float up for smashing, and in-world pop-up makes it much easier to see what reward you earned.

  • Elite difficulty tuned – rewards are now doubled and there are no respawns by default, so either bring a friend to revive you or hunt for those precious life kegs (or both!)

  • Multi-tool is now smarter about grabbing objects quickly in a cone in front of your hand and will prioritizing what it grabs, making it much more reliable in the heat of combat as a defensive tool.

  • Ongoing improvements and bug fixes to audio, enemy AI, and locomotion.

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