Wordburglar Has A Small Problem With Bendis and Lee’s Action Comics #1000

Posted by May 1, 2018 Comment

Hip-hop star Wordburglar has a problem with Action Comics #1000. And what he sees as a glaring continuity error in Brian Bendis and Jim Lee‘s story. And surprisingly it’s down to Jim Lee, not Brian Bendis.

So he has made a short video to try and deal with it. Is this No Prize-worthy? Hell, if DC Comics can steal Brian Bendis and Jim Lee (via Image) they can do the same with the No-Prize, surely?

This is the first of a series of videos he’s going to be doing addressing the minutiae and rookie mistakes that happen in comics that can really throw off long-term readers – and establishing his geek cred further, if such a thing were possible.

Oh and if DC won’t do it, Wordburglar will.

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