Epic Games Launches Fortnite Season 4 with New Trailer

Finally, after much ramp-up and promotion and speculation as to what the hell is going on, Epic Games has finally released a video to celebrate the kickoff of Season 4 in Fortnite. The video below kind of affirms what a lot of us assumed the minute we saw that the meteors that were hitting the island were just staying there and not totally destroying everything: the fact that we’ll be invaded by aliens during this season’s gameplay, made official by the opening sequence featuring a drive-in movie showing aliens attacking Earth.

Now what role the whole invasion angle is exactly going to play into multiplayer is a mystery at this point, as players can now go to places like Dusty Divot where a construction team is now trying to excavate a meteor from the ground, other places are stuck with craters in them, and players can now randomly be killed by meteor storms. But one thing is for certain about the event: it has caught the attention of players and sparked more speculation and intrigue than a lot of other battle royale games have all year. So give credit to the Epic team for building interest around something as opposed to others who have done little in the genre to spark up an event of this magnitude.

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