'DreamWorks Trolls The Experience' is Coming to New York City

‘DreamWorks Trolls The Experience’ is Coming to New York City

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Have you ever wanted to experience the magical world of Trolls in real life? What do you mean you’re already on Twitter? Oh, we see the confusion. We’re actually talking about Trolls, the spiky-haired doll sensation of the 1980s, or, more specifically, DreamWorks Trolls, the movie and cartoon franchise based on those dolls, not trolls, the people who you’ll find below in our comment section.

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In any case, Trolls is becoming “a visually stunning, interactive adventure that brings to life the colorful and musical world of DreamWorks Trolls,” courtesy of Feld Entertainment, which is not, as the name sounds, a sex act performed with dead bodies, but rather the promoters behind Disney Live, Marvel Universe Live, and formerly the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus. According to the press release, Trolls is just the beginning of “a bold new partnership between Universal Brand Development, the driving force of premier intellectual properties, franchises, characters and stories, and Feld Entertainment, the global leader in live family entertainment” that will result in “other large-scale and mobile pop-up immersive experiences.”

So what do you get to “experience” when you visit DreamWorks Trolls The Experience? Is it just the trolls sitting around their mothers’ basements and posting on 4chan? We have to admit, we haven’t watched any of the movies. Luckily, the press release provides more info:

Kids and families will be transported into the world of DreamWorks Trolls in a 90-minute walkthrough participatory adventure, featuring fun-filled, tactile experiences and shareable social media moments, inspired by the hugely popular film and franchise. DreamWorks Trolls, which premiered in theaters in 2016, opened at No. 1 in 28 international markets and has grown to become one of the largest global entertainment brands. Furthermore, DreamWorks Trolls is supported through a continuous stream of new content dropping on DreamWorksTV, the No. 1 major kids’ entertainment brand on YouTube, with viewership averaging one to two million daily views. In 2018, Poppy, Branch and all of Troll Village returned in the all-new Netflix original series, DreamWorks Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Picking up where the blockbuster film left off, the 2D animated television series is an exciting chapter in the Trolls’ hair-raising adventures, featuring a soundtrack full of brand new original music to keep the dance party raving.

Find your happy in the vibrant world of Trolls with this newly imagined 12,000-square-foot immersive experience, in the heart of New York City. The celebration of all things Trolls features the much-anticipated Poppy’s Party Room, which takes visitors on a musical journey with their favorite Troll friends via augmented reality and 3D technology. Fans can also visit the Hair-We-Go Salon and Barbershop, a magnificently designed space bedazzled with magical mirrors and sequined walls; travel through the flora and fauna of Troll Village; and play in a life-size Caterbus for all ages. This multi-sensory experience brings to life the Troll Tree in all its glittering glory and gives families the chance to view and collect their photos from throughout their visit and create a keepsake scrapbook to remember their “best day ever.”

Okay then. Tickets go on sale for the New York City event in July. You can find more information at the website.

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