You Wait Ages for a Comic Book Spinner Rack and Then 2 Come Along at Once

You Wait Ages for a Comic Book Spinner Rack and Then 2 Come Along at Once

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Back in February, Bleeding Cool told you that Diamond Comic Distributors was going to be selling a new comic book spinner rack to comic book stores – and then sold through, getting more in.

Well, where there’s one spinner rack, there must be more.

Emerald City Comic Con founder Jim Demonakos recently announced that he was leaving ReedPOP as Global Director of Comic Talent. And that he’s got a Classic Spinner Rack all of his own, and for the public as well as stores. And he’s Kickstartering it.

  • Heavy Duty – Made in the USA from high grade steel which has been powder coated and is rust-free
  • Whisper Quiet – Extra large ball bearings help spin the rack smoothly and quietly
  • Large Pockets – Designed to hold comics that are Silver Age size, modern size, in or out of bags/boards, trade paperbacks, small hardcovers and more. The pockets are over 7″ wide and .75″ deep
  • Sturdy & Strong – The 12″ base makes for a small profile but a strong base that supports the weight of the comics, and won’t tip over
  • Classic Sign Topper – The innovative 4-sleeve topper includes retro inspired signs designed by JG Roshell of Comicraft
  • Color Choice – The rack is available in either black or white so you can choose what works best for your space

Jim Demonakos tells me why his spinner comic rack is better than Diamond’s.

1 – Our pocket is wider, theirs is only 7″ but ours is 7.5″ inches, so you can actually put a silver age comic on it, not just a modern comic.

2 – Ours is one piece of metal, the entire rack is a single assembly, and ships in a single box – Diamond’s is made up of multiple pieces, which is not as sturdy.

3 – Diamond’s has no header/signage or a place to put any signage. Ours has signage that was designed by Comicraft, plus you can print your own signage to add to the top if you want.

Jim tells me ‘I made this to evoke nostalgia and actually look cool, Diamond’s is more a utilitarian piece for stores instead of something you’d want to put in your home or office.’

Of course, you realise, this means war… Spinner Rack War…

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