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Nerd Food: Hulk Out Green Tea from Nerdfelt Tea

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On Mondays we all need a way to get the stress out. Some work out, some go to happy hour, and some relax with a nice cup of tea. As you all know I drink tea fairly regularly, as it does calm me down. Today I’m drinking Hulk Out tea from Nerdfelt Tea, a delicious blend of decaf green tea and lavender. This calming blend could even get the Hulk to relax!

For $6 you get enough tea for a 10 cups of tea. I can safely say I have a collection of tea from Nerdfelt, and honestly each one is high quality. The Hulk Out tea has a wonderful hint of lavender, with a soft green tea finish. This is an excellent drink to wind down your day with, and I will buy it again!

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