Bow To This New Shao Kahn Figurine Coming in 2019

Bow To This New Shao Kahn Figurine Coming in 2019

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If you’re a collector of all things Mortal Kombat, we may just have the item for you to completely kill your bank account with as Pop Culture Shock Toys have created a new Shao Kahn figuring that is undeniably awesome but runs a pretty penny. This bust shows the once powerful emperor of Outworld sitting on a throne of skulls with the head of Onaga: The Dragon King in his hand. Oddly, the statue doesn’t show Kahn holding his famous hammer, but instead a staff with a red orb on the top. Here’s a quick intro from the company about this figure.

credit//Pop Culture Shock Toys

Shao Kahn the Konqueror is as ruthless as he is powerful. Reigning over the denizens of Outworld for centuries, he now sets his sights on Earthrealm. The rules of Mortal Kombat forbid him from taking Earthrealm by force, so he sends his underlings, Shang Tsung and Prince Goro, to defeat Earthrealm’s defenders, watching over the brutal tournament from his throne ready to step in and crush anyone who may pose a real threat to his agenda.

The company is now starting to take pre-orders, but we warn you, it isn’t cheap. $1,500 is the going price, for a figure you won’t see for another year as it won’t ship until June 2019 at the earliest.

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