We Give Gunnar's New Work/Play Lenses a Shot All Around Town

We Give Gunnar’s New Work-Play Lenses a Shot All Around Town

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Recently we were sent a new pair of Gunnar glasses to check out, but this pair wasn’t exactly like the others we’ve been working with in the past, as the lenses for these have a new trick up their sleeves. The company made a new set of lenses called Work-Play Lenses, which give you a specific tint or protect from UV rays like sunglasses depending on if you’re indoors, outdoors, lookout out at the day or at night. So if you’re mixing two different technologies designed to do different things, how well do they play together? We tried them out for a bit to see how that all worked.


First off, the usual Gunnar tech for the monitor and cell phone use still works like a charm, there’s really no loss of effectiveness or how they handle when it comes to the usage on the screens. So if you’re worried about buying them and thinking they lose something with the tint, don’t worry about it, because they stay the same. The tint, however, does take some time to kick in. I went for a walk and did some chores a week ago, testing them out everwhere I could. The tint has a bit of a time delay to it that takes longer than shades I’ve worn in the past that use the same tech. It isn’t terrible because the glasses you have already contain a yellow tint so you’re kinda there when you walk outside. However, for the full shaded effect, it takes a couple minutes to kick in.


Overall, I enjoyed the new lenses and what they could do, I just wish that the timing of the transition was faster than what they do. It could just be that these are new lenses and they’re still working out some of the kinks with the two different properties trying to coexist, but they actually do work and aren’t just here for show. If you’re looking for a pair that do this we totally recommend it, just keep the transition time in mind.


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