Ninjak Vs Valiant Universe Saved... For Six Months Anyway...

Ninjak Vs Valiant Universe Saved… For Six Months Anyway…

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Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran an article stating that the much-teased, much-anticipated Ninjak Vs Valiant Universe webisodes that had been running on ComicBook every day this past week were going to be withdrawn after the final episode had aired. Taken off the system. And be vanished forever.

Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe

We stated that this was down to new Valiant owners, Chinese investment firm DMG not liking them, causing issues with film licensors Sony, and that the whole thing was a concept pushed by Dinesh Shamdasani because he wanted to see them. And now that he was let go as part of the DMG buyout, despite Valiant having spent a small fortune on them, they wanted them scorched from the earth as soon as contractually possible.

This morning I woke to an e-mail from a connected source telling me that a lot went on yesterday but the long and short of it was that “DMG is allowing the series to continue for 6 more months. I truly feel it was your article that put them over the top and forced them to reconsider. So on behalf of all Valiant fans, Thank you so much!”

It’s a pleasure. How many times can you watch them all in six months? Let’s find out,

Oh and ComicBook, especially now that you’re owned by CBS, how about a finders fee for six months of traffic and ad revenue? Just a thought…

You can see the whole story, including the final sixth part, right here…



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