First Look Footage of Shane Black's The Predator at Cinemacon 2018

First Look Footage of Shane Black’s The Predator at Cinemacon 2018

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20th Century Fox had their presentation at Cinema Con this year and while they had a lot of stuff to show off some of the big ones were first looks. We got clips from Alita: Battle Angel and some trailers to various movies we can expect in the next several months. One of the big ones was a first look at Shane Black’s The Predator.

The trailer opens on Halloween night with a box arriving at a house. A kid, who is Jacob Tremblay, opening a box that is sent to his house. It appears to have alien tech in it and he plays with it. A piece lights up and pops out. He starts to play with it and it juxtaposed with an actual space ship crashing onto earth. Boyd Holbrook is being interrogated by someone about something that he witnessed. It looks like his team was the first one intercept the ship we just saw crash and he isn’t saying what he saw. We find out that he is the only one from his unit that survived and we also find out that his son is the one that turned on the alien device. They mention that he is estranged from his family and we hear the word “alien” for the first time. The trailer starts to do a lot of cuts and Olivia Munn’s character says “they are trying to do hybridization” and that they are “changing all of the planets they go to. They are evolving” [note: not exact quotes]. It implies that the Predators are the ones coming to planets and changing them. The trailer then begins to cut to a lot of action beats with people fighting what appears to be only one Predator but it is a little hard to tell. The trailer ends with Munn’s character being asked how she learned to shoot and she says “America.” The trailer ends and we’ll be learning more when the movie drops in September 2018.

The Predator

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