Warner Bros Shows Us the Big Picture at Cinemacon 2018

Warner Bros Shows Us the Big Picture at Cinemacon 2018

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Warner Bros hosted their presentation at Cinema Con 2018 and showed off a bunch of new footage from their various upcoming movies. We’ve covered a couple of them in the live blog and the separate articles for a few of the movies but there were a couple that we didn’t get the chance to really elaborate on because of time. These presentations are very “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” with very little time to stop and catch up with descriptions. We watched the chat during our live blog and we saw what movies you wanted more information on.

The first Teen Titans Go! To the Movies was one of the movies we had to kind of blow by fairly quickly but we did get a new story trailer with a bunch of new footage. The trailer started out with the Titans sitting in a movie theater wondering why they don’t have a movie franchise and Robin is getting really excited for a trailer that starts off talking about Batman’s “best friend” and he thinks this is his moment. The trailer is for the Alfred movie and the other Titans begrudgingly admit they would see the Alfred movie to Robin’s annoyance. They talk to the other heroes about whether or not they have a movie. Jon Stewart Green Lantern makes the joke about how there was a Green Lantern movie but they don’t talk about that. Superman, played by Nicolas Cage, says that the Titans have never stopped a crime so why would they have a movie? They decide that they need a nemesis and Slade, played by Will Arnett, shows up. They make a fantastic extended joke by calling him Deadpool and Slade argues that he’s been around longer so people should be calling Deadpool him. The trailer continues with the Titans going up against Slade to the save the world with a bunch of fun and self-aware jokes. The movie looks like it’s going to have a lot of fun making jokes at the expense of the superhero movies.

One of the big reveals we got was a first look at some footage from the upcoming Andy Serkis directed Jungle Book movie Mowgli. There is a lot of debate from people whether or not there is room for more than one Jungle Book movie now that Disney is also working on a sequel to their smash Jungle Book hit. The thing that has the potential to set this one apart from other movies with CGI animals is that Serkis is a master of giving life to animal and animal like characters. There isn’t anyone better in this business to do that and he’s bringing his impressive clout to this movie. The Mowgli footage was incomplete but it was good enough that you were able to get an idea of what we were looking at. The trailer opens with Mowgli trapped in a cage by other humans. We see him broken out by Bagheera and he rejoins the jungle. We see various moments of Mowgli’s life as we see him struggling to fit in with not only the humans but the animals. There is a line where he declares that he is neither man nor wolf (not an exact quote). We see the various animals and there are wonderfully expressive. The eyes for each of them are stunning and they are remarkably emotive. As expected Benedict Cumberbactch as Shere Khan is the thing of nightmares.

Finally, A Star is Born was, surprisingly, one of the breakout debuts of the presentation much to the surprise of this particular critic. When people heard that this remake was being made there was a lot of rightful trepidation but people are quite excited after seeing the first trailer last night. Director and star Bradley Cooper went to the stage and immediately made a lot of people nervous by mentioning that he’s not much of a singer. He went on to say that it was Lady Gaga who insisted that the entire movie be sung live because, as a musician, she could always tell when someone was just lip-syncing in a movie. Cooper also talked about filming from the stage looking out at the crowd compared to the audience looking at the stage which is a different perspective. The trailer opens with Cooper singing and he has a pretty solid voice. He isn’t amazing but he managed to get some vibrato and he sounded on key. Gaga, rocking some nice dark hair, looks nothing like herself but as soon as she opens her mouth her voice is amazing. We hear some of their duet and Cooper’s voice compliments Gaga’s much stronger one very well. It looks cute and could be something worth checking out.

Was there anything else from the Warner Bros panel you wanted to know more about? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to get you the information you want.

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