Taking a Look at James Rhodes’ Gravestone in Invincible Iron Man #599

While he may be up and hobbling in the Avengers: Infinity War movie, in the comic books, War Machine, James Rhodes, died. At the hands of Thanos.

James Rhodes’ funeral, as seen in Sam Wilson: Captain America #10, took place at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Though we didn’t see the headstone. Today’s Invincible Iron Man #599 sees Iron Man visit to pay his respects.

The first odd thing is the lack of years. Marvel with its rolling timeline has never seemed shy about putting down dayes that will be changed at a later date. The second is the symbol, the Arlington National Cemetary has 60 approved religious symbols that can be used atop the inscription.

There have been petitions for new symbols including the pentagram and the Hammer of Thor. Is it possible that in the Marvel Universe they have also allowed the Face of Iron Man? Because aside from the religious symbols and earlier only other permitted graphics these days on a government-issued headstone is the insignia of the Medal of Honor.

Or maybe… because it’s all a fake and he’s not dead after all?

One issue left for Bendis to pull him out of the grave…

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Stefano Caselli, Alex Maleev (CA) Chris Sprouse
Rated T+ In Shops: Apr 25, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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