New Scene from Johnny English Strikes Again Airs at CinemaCon

Posted by April 25, 2018 Comment

A preview of this autumn’s new Johnny English movie starring Rowan Atkinson and Ben Miller, Johnny English Strikes Again, just aired at CinemaCon.

It really is the most successful franchise based on a series of TV banking ads I can think of. Can you think of anything to rival that?

Kaitlyn Booth, liveblogging right now for Bleeding Cool, describes the scene thus:

Johnny English opens a door and knocks a woman out.

He heads out to the dance floor and the woman follows him.

She has a gun and can’t get a good shot at Johnny English.

There are a few shots in the manner of first-person shooter video games.

Eventually, she goes out onto the floor and tries to garotte him.

He flips her over and knocks her out again on the floor.

Here’s what’s coming…

And here’s where it all began…

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