Caliber Comics July Solicits: Saint Germaine, Raven Chronicles, and More

Saint Germaine, Raven Chronicles, Legends of Aukera, and Caliber Presents: Caliber Comics’ July Solicitations

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Caliber Comics has announced four graphic novels to be solicited in Diamond’s May Previews catalog. Legends of Aukera: The Ascendants Volume 1 by Amanda and Rory Webb, Caliber Presents Vol. 3 by Marcello Bondi, Raven Chronicles Vol. 3 by Gary Reed, Jim Alexander, Martin Conaghan, Christopher Jones, Paul Kowalski, Avido Khahaifa, and Galen Showman, and Saint Germaine: The Killroy Mandate by Reed, Vince Locke, Andy Bennett, and Larry Shuput are all scheduled for July release, and you can view the solicitations below.

LEGENDS OF AKURA: THE ASCENDENTS – VOLUME 1: In the port city of Dagruum, pirates disrupt the peace of the city. Amidst the chaos, a new threat emerges, and the Dagruum Thieves Guild is quick to investigate. Meanwhile an elven mage named Felosial finds herself caught up in an adventure she hadn’t intended on having. With the help of her dwarven friend Bakar and the flamboyant thief Dilavo, she discovers secrets about the city and its inhabitants that may change the course of her life forever. For those that enjoy the adventures of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Dungeons and Dragons. Collects issues 1-4. Written by Amanda and Rory Webb, illustrated by Amanda Webb. Color. DIAMOND # MAY181561 $18.99.

CALIBER PRESENTS 3 – FLASH FROM NOWHERE: The popular graphic novel anthology series returns. Contained within Volume 3 are 23 short stories all written by Marcello Bondi from 17 different artists. From crime stories to westerns to science fiction to tales of the completely unknown Caliber Presents will take you there and hopefully return you safely back. Black and White. DIAMOND # MAY181558 $12.99.

RAVEN CHRONICLES – VOLUME 3: FLESH & GHOSTS: Described as The X-Files meets Mission Impossible, a unique team of operatives, led by the mysterious Edgar Allan Raven, under the auspices of the organization called Raven, Inc., are brought together to investigate any and all cases of paranormal activity. Formed of both skeptics and believers alike, the team is often called in by local or government authorities when cases prove to be too bizarre, too unusual, or just plain unsolvable. Covering the entire spectrum of the unknown, from the supernatural to the dark side of man, Raven, Inc., searches for answers in areas that most people refuse to acknowledge even exists. Volume 3 collects issues #9-12. Written by Gary Reed, Jim Alexander, Martin Conaghan, and illustrated by Christopher Jones, Paul Kowalski, Avido Khahaifa, and Galen Showman. Black and White. DIAMOND # MAY181559 $14.99.

SAINT GERMAINE: THE KILROY MANDATE: Saint Germaine has seen a lot in his long life but is even he prepared to see the wrath of an avenger unleashed? As the mysterious figure known as Kilroy plunges into the darkness of retribution, Saint Germaine must make a decision that could violate his own principles. Kilroy attempts to understand the evil which he is trying to rid the world of, as he and Germaine travel to an unknown place to see the rise of Joseph Stalin, Shaka-Zulu, and take a glimpse at the predicted third Anti-Christ. But the secret of Kilroy goes much further than that. Collects issues #5-8 plus the story “Ghost Dance.” Written by Gary Reed and illustrated by Vince Locke, Andy Bennett, Larry Shuput. Black and White. DIAMOND # MAY181560 $14.99

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